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National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery | NCMHR

Board Members and Staff


Executive Director (position currently vacant)

Val Marsh has ended her work as Director of the National Coalition effective March 3, 2017

Val worked very hard in the difficult atmosphere of a D.C. which has largely ignored our voice.

We thank her for her dedication and hard work and wish her the best.

More information on the organization's course of action during these challnging times will be forthcoming.

Raymond L. Bridge, Director of Public Policy

Ray is a person in recovery from depression who became an advocate because of his own experiences and those of his family members. He is passionate about empowerment and justice. Beginning in 1990 he helped to found and lead three mental health consumer organizations: the Northern Virginia Mental Health Consumers Association, VOCAL, and the Laurie Mitchell Employment Center in Northern Virginia. Ray has been active in advocacy and transformation of Virginia’s public mental health system at the state, regional and local level. He served as president of the state Mental Health Planning Council for three years, was a member of an Olmstead Oversight Committee, and helped to design Virginia’s Medicaid Buy-in program. In 2008, Ray played a leading role in creating seven recovery projects in Northern Virginia that were funded as part of the Governor’s mental health transformation initiative. Ray comes to NCMHR from Mental Health America, where he was a writer and consumer advocate. He spent a career in government communications. 

NCMHR Board of Directors

Daniel Fisher, President
Executive Director - National Empowerment Center (MA)
  Anthony Fox, Vice President
Executive Director - Tennessee Mental Health Consumers' Association (TN)
Donita Diamata, Treasurer
Executive Director - PEERLINK National Technical Assistance Center (OR)
  Ronda Ames
Executive Director - Key Consumer Association, Inc. (IN)
Mathew Federici
WRAP Facilitator - Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery (PA)
  Joseph Rogers
Executive Director - National Mental Health Consumers' Self-Help Clearinghouse (PA)
Michael Skinner
Board Member - Surviving Spirit (NH)
  LaTosha Taylor
Advocacy Unlimited (CT)