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National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery | NCMHR

Press Releases

7/6/2023 - National Coalition of Mental Health Peer-led Organizations Announces Plans to Advocate for Public Policy Priorities in Washington on July 11-12

12/9/2022 - National Mental Health Coalition Decries NYC Mayor’s Plan to Lock UpHomeless People Who Have Psychiatric Disabilities

10/4/2021 - National Mental Health Peer Advocacy Organization Applauds the Creation of SAMHSA's New Office of Recovery

1/4/2021 - Mental Health Advocacy Coalition Urges Appointment of Paolo del Vecchio to Top Federal Behavioral Health Post

6/20/2020 - National Coalition of Mental Health Activists Calls for Ending Police Role in Mental Health Crises

8/7/2019 - President Trump’s Statement Blaming Gun Violence on People with Mental Health Conditions Is Outrageous, Says National Organization of Mental Health Advocates with “Lived Experience"

7/30/2018 - People with Psychiatric Histories Host “People’s Alternatives Conference” in DC 7/30 - 8/3/18

6/10/2016 - Advocates Reject Revised “Murphy Bill” as Still Harmful to Individuals with Mental Health Conditions

4/25/2016 - NCMHR Appoints Valerie L. Marsh, MSW as Executive Director

6/9/2015 - Mental Health Advocates Oppose Rep. Tim Murphy's Bill for Promoting Forced "Treatment" over More Effective and Less Expensive Voluntary Care

2/11/2015 - GAO Report on Health and Human Services Leadership Misleading, Incomplete (PDF, 120KB, 1 page)

1/27/2014 - National Organization of People with Psychiatric Diagnoses Mourns Isla Vista Tragedy (PDF ,82K, 1 page)

3/28/2014 - Mental Health Advocates Decry Forced Treatment Provision in “Doc Fix” Bill

12/12/2013 - Mental Health Advocates Blast Rep. Tim Murphy’s Bill as a Costly Step Backward, to the Days When a Mental Illness Diagnosis Was a Life Sentence

8/22/2013 - National Mental Health Coalition Calls “Today Show” Electroshock Segment One-Sided

1/17/2013 - National Coalition Representing Individuals with Psychiatric Diagnoses Lauds President Obama’s Recommendations to Contain Gun Violence

12/21/2012 - National Empowerment Center (NEC) Calls for Peer-delivered Community Services Instead of More Forced Treatment

11/6/2012 - Will Hall, Internationally Known Mental Diversity Consultant and Syndicated Radio Host, Is Honored with 2012 Judi Chamberlin Joy in Advocacy Award

5/3/2012 - Coalition of Individuals with Psychiatric Labels Supports Protestors’ Efforts to “Occupy” the American Psychiatric Association Convention

1/26/2012 - National Mental Health Coalition Calls "Dr. Oz" Electroshock Show One-Sided

4/28/2011 - National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery Releases Guidelines for Promoting Recovery Through Choice and Alternatives

1/10/2011 - National Coalition of Individuals with Mental Health Conditions Calls for Reasonable Response to Arizona Tragedy [Also available as a PDF (46KB, 2 pages)]

1/21/2010 - Death of Judi Chamberlin, Pioneer in Social Justice Movement, Casts Spotlight on Struggle for Rights of People with Psychiatric Disabilities

10/6/2009 - Consumer/Survivor Coalition Calls for Voluntary, Peer-run Alternatives to Force and Coercion in Mental Health Treatment

8/26/2009 - National Coalition of People with Psychiatric Histories Mourns the Death of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy

12/2/2008 - Tragedies Underscore Crisis in U.S. Public Mental Health System: National Advocacy Organization Demands Reforms

7/17/2008 - “Mummies of the Insane” Galvanizes National Coalition of People with Psychiatric Histories

5/3/2007 - Countering Discrimination and Stigma by Promoting Mental Health Recovery and Resiliency

4/20/2007 - National Coalition of People with Psychiatric Histories Responds to Virginia Tech Tragedy

9/6/2006 - Mental Health Consumer/Survivors Create National Coalition