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National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery Announces New Director

Leah HarrisThe Board of Directors of the National Coalition is pleased to announce Ms. Leah Ida Harris, M.A., as the organization’s new director.

Ms. Harris has been a nationally recognized leader in the mental health recovery movement for over 13 years. She has written and spoken widely about her own experiences of serious mental health challenges, trauma, addiction, suicide, and recovery of life and purpose. She is also the daughter of two parents who were diagnosed with severe mental illness, both of whom died very young as a result of their disabilities.

This depth of personal experience fuels Ms. Harris’s unstoppable commitment to ensuring that people with mental health conditions, addictions, and trauma histories have opportunities to live meaningful lives in the community, contribute to society, and enjoy dignity and full civil/human rights.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to guide this Coalition as the nation’s independent advocacy voice of people with lived experience and their community partners,” said Ms. Harris. “We are the voice of hope in mental health.”

Ms. Harris will be actively representing the hope-based values of the National Coalition on Capitol Hill and within the larger national mental health advocacy community.

“One of my primary goals going forward will be to expand the membership and funding base of the Coalition. We need to increase our capacity to do the critical work to create the social and political will for the kinds of holistic, recovery-based, trauma-informed supports that are so needed in our communities.” she said.

The National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery was formed in 2006 to ensure a meaningful voice of people with lived experience in local and national policies that affect them. The Coalition is guided by the central value of the cross-disability civil rights movement: “Nothing about us, without us.” The Coalition hopes to work in close collaboration with individuals and organizations that share its guiding values of recovery, self-determination, holistic choices, voice, and personhood.

Ms. Lauren Spiro, M.A., the Coalition’s former director, will assist Ms. Harris as associate director, and will focus on promoting her new memoir and growing the Emotional CPR (eCPR) program which she co-founded.

Contact the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery: media@ncmhr.org

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